With a reputation as an international expert across all aspects of branding, Rita is often asked to produce comment and opinion on wide ranging issues around the subject. Such requests may derive from Corporates, academic institutions and the media.

In this section we have included some of the pieces from recent interviews and publications.

The Leadership Council

The Leadership Council brings together senior figures from commercial and public life. Chaired by Lord Janvrin, the Council provides a powerful perspective on the leadership agenda.

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Brand Britain - Turning up the heat

It’s time to stop the self-deprecation and shout loud about Britain’s unique qualities, according to brand expert Rita Clifton. Since the ‘70s, ‘Made in Britain’ has become a valuable asset.

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Political soap wars

There used to be a phenomenon in marketing academia called ’dynamic stagnation’. This was when, in certain categories, all spent lots of money on marketing and price promotions to fight each other for market share…and ended up precisely nowhere further forward.

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All about the brand

Brand is the most important and sustainable asset any organisation has. From retail to corporate to industrial, from consumer to business-to-business and even charities, from start-ups to major global enterprises, and yes – very much in financial services.

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A mad mad mad mad world…

Except it’s not. Rita Clifton, the brand expert and a former Vice Chairman at Saatchi & Saatchi, looks at 50 years of advertising.

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