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Recent speech topics

  • Branding in the digital age

    In order to succeed in a world of digital possibilities, social media and endless opportunities to connect and communicate, how should a company go about building their brand? What are the principles and best practices? How do you build and protect your reputation when bad publicity spreads with a speed and scale that can take your breath away?

  • How to build a world class brand

    A look at how brands create value in organisations of all kinds and sizes, and across categories. This includes lessons from some of the world's leading brands, as well as new ‘up and coming’ brands, and includes insights and implications for how any organisation can use these methods to succeed.

  • The business value of branding

    Analysis of how brands work to create value in businesses, whether or not that value will be included on a balance sheet. This looks at how brand thinking can generate sustainable value, both in terms of organic growth and by greater operating efficiencies, and looks at how brand measures can be used as a business management tool.

  • Branding for the boardroom

    A presentation on how brand issues need to be 'owned' by the boardroom and CEO in order for the company to get the greatest value from brands - and how brand needs to be synonymous with business strategy vs 'the pretty bits'. It looks at why some companies have embraced this at board level, while others still think that brand is just the province of the marketing department (however brilliant). Lots of examples and anecdotes.

  • Disruption and innovation

    A senior Coca-Cola executive once said that 'new products are a lazy man's marketing'. This presentation examines the disruptive power of brand-based thinking (vs being category bound), and its greater effectiveness and efficiency. And in a way that gives more return for less risk. Uses examples of different company approaches to make the point.

  • Branding for SMEs and entrepreneurs

    People in start-up and small-to-medium sized businesses often believe that branding is for larger, more mature or even just for consumer-based businesses. This presentation explains how brand thinking can (and should be) be stitched into a business from outset, and this applies as much to B2B businesses as any other category.

  • Branding in the not for profit sector

    Charities and social enterprises have some very specific issues when it comes to branding, some of which are financial but many of which are cultural and, as one charity executive once said 'a belief that branding is for the crass commercial world'. This presentation looks at how charities of all kinds have used brand thinking to give their organisation more focus, more efficiency and more sustainable influence in the round.

  • Building your personal brand

    A look at the importance of building your personal brand to gain greater influence, and to succeed in business and life generally. Including how you can use the lessons from great brand examples and some famous and successful people. A fun and stimulating session for all levels.

  • Business, leadership and inclusion

    This speech highlights the impact of diverse thinking and leadership in business, and about the challenges and opportunities for different styles of leadership in businesses today. It also looks at the role and responsibilities of senior leadership in an ‘always on’ social media climate, and what companies can do to build and repair reputations. Good, bad and ugly examples...

  • Women and leadership

    A presentation for audiences of all kinds on the need for variety in leadership styles, and about how more women on boards affects the behaviour and performance of companies in the round. It includes a look at how organisations can help women stay and succeed at all levels. Lots of examples and anecdotes, and keeping a light heart on a serious issue for organisations of all types.

  • Building a portfolio career

    At certain stages of your working life, branching into a portfolio career looks to be an attractive option.  But be prepared for it to be different from how you might imagine! Observations and tips for how to start building your plural future now and over time, whether that’s major FTSE directorships, investments, consultancy or not for profit.

  • Sustainability

    This presentation examines what role sustainability can and does play in the reputation and long term value of a business, and at how successful organisations integrate their CSR strategy into their brand strategy for competitive advantage. Good and bad examples of this in practice.


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