Rita is in demand as a speaker all over the world, both as a brand practitioner and business leader, and she regularly speaks on a wide variety of topics including leadership, innovation, corporate reputation, women on boards and communicating sustainability. She covers all aspects of branding, including personal and nation branding, branding in the digital age and how to build a world class brand.

Rita was a platform speaker at the “Britain is Great” Business Summit at Lancaster House during the Olympics, where business leaders from all over the world were hosted to showcase the best of British business and creative talent. She has also recently appeared at a TEDx conference on Branding Democracy, and was a keynote speaker and chair on retail branding at the ‘Franchise India’ conference in Delhi. In the past few months, she has delivered the Annual Lecture for the British Brands Group, and keynotes at the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo amongst many others.

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Speaking enquiries to:
Mobile: +44 (0) 7827 828283
Phone: +44 (0) 1439 798389

Recent speech topics include:

How to build a world class brand
A look at how brands create value in organisations of all kinds and sizes, and across categories. This includes lessons from some of the world's leading brands, and includes insights and implications for how any organisation can use these methods to succeed.
The financial value of branding
Analysis of how brands can be valued, irrespective of whether they can be included on a balance sheet. This looks at how brand thinking can generate value in business, both in terms of organic growth and by greater operating efficiencies, and looks at how brand value measures can be used as a management tool.
Branding for the boardroom
A presentation on how brand issues need to be 'owned' by the boardroom and CEO in order for the company to get the greatest value from brands - and how brand needs to be synonymous with business strategy vs 'the pretty bits'. It looks at why some companies have embraced this at board level, while others still think that brand is just the province of the marketing department (however brilliant). Lots of examples and anecdotes.
Building your personal brand
A look at the importance of building your personal brand to succeed in business and life generally. Including how you can use the lessons from great brand examples and some famous and successful people. A fun and stimulating session for all levels. 
Branding in the digital age
In order to succeed in the new world of digital possibilities, social media and endless opportunities to connect and communicate, how should a company go about building their brand? What are the principles and best practices? How do you build and protect your reputation when bad publicity spreads with a speed and scale that can take your breath away?
Britain, branding and the world
Why does Britain have such a great and world leading reputation for creative industries, and yet has so few globally successful brands of its own? And does it matter? Lots of examples, facts and cases. 
Brand-based innovation
A senior Coca-Cola executive once said that 'new products are a lazy man's marketing'. This presentation examines the greater effectiveness and efficiency of using brand thinking and equity to innovate, and in a way that gives more return for less risk. Uses examples of different company approaches to make the point.
Branding for SMEs and entrepreneurs
People in start-up and small-to-medium sized businesses often believe that branding is for larger, more mature or even just for consumer-based businesses. This presentation explains how brand thinking can (and should be) be stitched into a business from outset, and this applies as much to B2B businesses as any other category.
Branding for the not-for-profit sector
Charities and social enterprises have some very specific issues when it comes to branding, some of which are financial but many of which are cultural and, as one charity executive once said 'a belief that branding is for the crass commercial world'. This presentation looks at how charities of all kinds have used brand thinking to give their organisation more focus, more efficiency and more sustainable influence in the round.
Women and leadership
A presentation for audiences of all kinds on a variety of women's leadership styles, and about how women on boards affects the behaviour and performance of companies in the round. Lots of examples and anecdotes, and keeping a light heart on a serious issue for organisations of all types.
Being a non-executive director
Sharing experiences and principles on what it takes to be a non-executive director, and some of the challenges facing boards today, both on commercial and not-for-profit boards.
The value of sustainability
This presentation examines what role sustainability can and does play in the reputation and long term value of a business, and at how successful organisations integrate their CSR strategy into their brand strategy for competitive advantage. Good and bad examples of this in practice.
Communicating sustainability
A look at the history and lessons from how companies have (or haven't) communicated sustainability over time, and some of the better and less good examples of this. Uses examples from public research and case studies to get to some pointers for organisations of all kinds.

"..brilliant moderating... witty, informative and fascinating" Suzy Menkes, International Herald Tribune

"Thank you so much. You went down a storm with the crowd and they loved it, they felt it was so insightful and fresh" Jill Watchorn – Google UK Limited

"Rita absolutely set the right tone and got the most out of the speakers over the day. She was warm and funny as well as stimulating and we hope to work with her in future" Sonia Hickey - Guardian News & Media

"Your presentation yesterday was brilliant by the way. Funny, clever, stimulating" John Winter - Barclays

"I thoroughly enjoyed your session at the ICS conference yesterday. So many take outs which I will be sharing back with the teams. Really great session" Liz Dougall - Alliance Boots

"... the highlight of the conference"
Marketing Society

"….really fabulous. Relevant, informative, inspiring" National Trust

Public Speaking Videos

Prague Brand Management Panel

Rita is interviewed about brands in a digital age and takes to the stage as part of the Blue Events Brand Management panel in Prague.

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Rita Clifton at TEDx Houses of Parliament

Branding Democracy: Rita Clifton at TEDx Houses of Parliament

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UKTi Retail, Food & Drink Summit

Rita Clifton, Chairman, Populus and Former Chairman of Interbrand at the UKTi Global Retail Food & Drink Summit.

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Food and Innovation Network: Even Better NPD Strategy

Rita speaks at the "Food and Drink Innovation Network" – Even Better NPD Strategy – Conference 2013.

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